Jimmy Lim at KLFW 2021

Jimmy Lim at KLFW 2021

Award-winning fashion designer Jimmy Lim gained recognition through winning the prestigious title of ‘Fashion Design Ambassador’ at New Zealand Fashion Week 2004, where he represented the country in London Fashion Week 2006. The designer recently showcased his latest Spring/Summer 2022 collection at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2021. This also marks Jimmy Lim’s 22th year commitment to his self titled label.

Drawing inspiration from his Fall/Winter 2021 collection ‘SUTOL’, where the designer did an after-take of the futuristic Fall/Winter collection and further developed into a more futuristic and sportier collection entitled ‘SUTOL 2.0’. He implemented crystals like formations onto his garments where he cleverly combined fabrications and trims with patchwork construction to give the collection an unexpected twist to it.

“I like the idea of working towards the future, it’s like a very optimistic work of mine and I hope this can give society a more positive expression of the future and to the wearers’

Well known relaxed and lean cuts are reinvented, with some masculine proportions in pieces like oversized bomber style dress and parka jackets. Jimmy Lim has cleverly paired unexpected fabrication of Lurex, foil, suiting, fur like fabrics and trims to create a very unique look to the collection. The result was fascinating as the texture produced gave simple garment blocks a new life.

‘I wanted to step out from the norm to really push the envelope of the current fashion. to truly create something fashion forward and striking the balance of wearablity and creative force’

Jimmy Lim was recently awarded ‘Decade of Excellence’ at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Awards 2021.

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